Hello, World!

Kaiiax at st. Hekateros Island is a part of Kaiiax Group. We research & develop marketing systems that support teams in their work. These includes development and testing of marketing software, application of data science to address marketing problems and securing marketing systems.

Areas of our interest

We are adventurers who's boat was in the storm and we found ourselves on Saint Hoverick island. Island was so exciting.

Marketing Technology

Marketing technology (also known as "martech") refers to the tools, platforms, and software that marketers use to automate, streamline, and measure their marketing activities.

Big Data

Big data refers to large and complex data sets that are beyond the ability of traditional data processing tools and techniques to effectively capture, store, manage, and analyze. Big data is characterized by its volume, velocity, and variety.

Marketing Security

Security in marketing refers to the measures and practices that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of marketing data and systems. Marketing data includes customer information, such as personal data, purchase history, and communication preferences, as well as marketing campaigns, promotional materials, and marketing strategies.